Enter 'Thereall's sewer' right outside Thereall's Gate to the Breezing Land on the side near the river. After entering Thereall's Sewer you must leave the room you appear in (the starting point/room),and turn left.Walk down that hall until you find the first entrance to a room on your right.Enter that room containing a few monsters,and a chest you must open. There contains a sword required to finish the quest. After acquiring the sword exit the room and exit the sewer (which is to the left and the first mini-hall you passed by).Report to Grant in Thereall City.

You go in and you are in a big room there should be a hallway for you to enter. Once you enter the hallway there is a two directions go in the direction of the bees, After you defeat them. you should have completed the quest, keep on going and up to your left there will be the exit

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