The Comet Marksman is the pinnacle of expert sniper training for the Gunner path. Not only does the Comet Marksman continue to train in more deadly versions of skills taught to Gunners, but it gains access to a variety of new shots. Studying opponents from afar has given the Comet Marksman a unique insight into the vulnerable points of enemy's armor, allowing them to exploit this weakness for their own gain. They've also perfected the ability to fire off quick, accurate shots, to fully benefit from stunned enemies.

Active SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Stun Shot Stun Shot This attack has a minimum range and cannot be used point blank. It takes a moment to cast and will stun the target as well as deal damage.
Limb Locker Limb-Locker A quick attack that will deal damage and lock the target in place preventing movement.
Stagger Shot Stagger Shot A quick ranged attack that will deal minor damage and slow. It has a minimum range therefore cannot be used point-blank.
Tranquilizer Tranquilizer A quick attack that will put a target to sleep for 9-12 seconds (Based

on rank of skill). Any damage done will interrupt the effect.

Achilles' Shot Achilles' Shot A precise shot that targets your enemies vulnerable points, and deals 100% attack damage, plus additional damage, and ignores enemies armor.
Hair Trigger Hair Trigger A quick shot that inflicts normal damage, as well as additional damage to you target.
Aimed Shot Aimed Shot Carefully aim your weapon to extend its shooting range by 30%. Inflicts normal damage to target.
Suppressive Shot Suppressive Shot Instantly interrupts your targets spell, and prevents them from casting any elemental spells for a period of time.
Sonic Boom Sonic Boom Disorientates target, and an additional target within 4 yards. Disorientated enemies cannot move or attack. Enemies will wake early if damaged.

Does not work on: Mechanical, Demonic, Item, or Player enemies.

Stock Strike Stock Strike A melee attack that will quickly deal damage and stun the target.
Bayonet Bayonet Stab your enemy, dealing 100% damage, plus additional damage. Inflicts additional damage every 3 seconds.
Scatter Shot Scatter Shot This will strike 2-3 targets simultaneously (Based on rank of skill, consumes 2-3 bullets).
Bullseye Bullseye This attack takes time to cast and will fire at its target dealing high

damage. Note: If an enemy gets repositioned, your cast may get interrupted. This does not consume MP.