In Lucent Heart there are 6 available crafting jobs, each character being able to learn only one of them.

They are:


Specializes in cloth armor. Good for gunners and mages.


Produces accessories and embedding gems for enchanting weapons and shields (but not firearms), and repair elements for damaged equipment. Enhancements are permanent, but weak until higher levels when they become invaluable and can command a high price from other players.


Produces both consumables and self-renewing items, firearm enhancements, and shield enhancements at higher levels.


Potion specialist. Recovery, buffs, wealth, also produces many materials required for other crafts. The movement speed and recovery potions are especially useful for everyone. Consumables can be repeatedly sold to other players.


Produces weapons, shields, and heavy armor.

Card Design

Cards work much like consumable magic scrolls. They have a wide variety of effects, but unlike potions they can target other players and take some time to cast.

Crafting can be learned by going to the corresponding workshop through "<Crafting Workshop Administrator> Quincy" and completing the job quest from the npc inside the workshop.

In order to craft, recipes and materials are needed. Basic recipes can be purchased from the npc inside the workshop, while most advanced ones need to be found. All materials can be purchased from the npc or dropped by mobs.

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