Gold Port ~City of Trade~Edit

Gold Port
  • Gordon Plaza
  • Commercial Building
  • Poseidon Plaza
  • Shipyard
  • Waterside Pier
  • Magic Lighthouse
  • Train Station

Pegasus FieldEdit

Pegasus Field
  • Mining Zone
  • Caravan Plains
  • Outskirts of Gold Port
  • Gordon Forest
  • Sea Erosion Platform
  • Pickpocket Trail

Blooming ForestEdit

Blooming Forest
  • Thorny Forest
  • Bacchus Shrubbery
  • Mic Forest
  • Bacchus Valley
  • Blooming Prairie

Golden SandEdit

Golden Sand
  • Shallow Sandbank
  • Mic Waters
  • Midas' Mine
  • Gold Panning River Shoal
  • Rock Patch
  • Sandbank of Hidden Treasure
  • Midas' Hill

Argos BayEdit

Argos Bay
  • Pirate Camp
  • Mic Prairie
  • Adventurer's Highland
  • Pirate Ship
  • Miner Terrace
  • Well Drilling Mountain

Water of IllusionEdit

Water of Illusion
  • White Sail Bay
  • Mermaid Rock
  • Fishing Net Lagoon
  • Coral Reef Sandbank
  • Pirate Pier
  • Sunset Field

Witch's CliffEdit

Witch's Cliff
  • Barbed Nail Cave
  • Echo Canyon
  • Poison Ivy Marsh
  • Wailing Coast
  • New Leaf Camp

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