Cupid the God of Love

Cupid can be found in Thereall City of Peace and is primarily used for setting up matches between players as well as being a vendor for those that are Soul Mates.

Cupid allows you to take part in a match system where you enter your personal information as well as what you're looking for in a match. Based on your Love rating for the week, your chances will be high or low to get paired up with someone. After being paired up successfully, your character will display a floating heart above them. This heart will remain until you follow the next part where you both fill out a ten question quiz simultaneously (Or one of you removed the other from your Cupid list). Finishing the quiz will show how compatible you were on your answers and from there you'll be able to become Soul Mates or not.

Cupid also offers a variety of trinkets that you can obtain by exchanging flower petals from the Soul Mate flower garden or Soul Mate tokens.

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