Passive pets Edit

Players in Lucent Heart are able to boost their character stats and effects by summoning passive pets, these pets range all the way from humble pets to mighty gods of the Grecian Pantheon and other spirit warriors. Passive pets can be split into two different classes Divine bonds and Spiritual Bonds, this article will focus on divine bonds for a list of zodiac bonds either visit the pet section of the mall in game or check the link below.

Zodiac Bonds

Feeding Edit

Passive pets do not have have health or mana limits and cannot sustain damage but they do require feeding. If a pet is hungry for a long period of time, it will go inactive reversing any gains from the summoning. Although most pets warn you when the need to be feed or often a long time before hand it does pay to carry enough food failing to do so can mean your pets go inactive when you need them the most.

Feeding a pet the right kinds of food gives the pet exp to go towards leveling when leveled the pets stats and abilities increase in power and sometimes frequency. Starting at level one a divine bond will eat cookies (gained through daily quests) after a time and many cookies a pet will reach level ten. At level ten the pets diet changes meaning it will refuse to eat cookies and instead must be leveled using some of the various kinds of premium cakes available in the mall. Although expensive and time consuming level is the only way to bring out the true power of your pet.

Effects Edit

In Lucent Heart the effects of a passive pet lasts only as long as the pet remains summoned and feed, when either of these conditions are unfulfilled the benefits gained from the summoning disappear (there are exceptions to this rule that we shall look at later). Passive pets can help their users in four different ways (pet dependent) stat increases, buffing, non-damaging abilities and finally damaging abilities. Knowledge of your pets abilities will allow you to gain the most from your summoning and help in general game play.

Stat boosting Edit

The majority of passive pets in Lucent heart have the ability when summoned to instantly increase certain stats of the user, the stat will be subtracted again when starved or withdrawn. Depending on the pet chosen and its level different stats may be effected in varying amounts, to make the decision on which pet is best for you it pays to know how the stats effect your game play the main ones are shown below.

Stats page
Stat Effect
Strength Effects melee physical attack
Dexterity Effects Physical agility, physical attack speed and physical hit adverse chance
Constitution Effects maximum health points and health recovery rate
Perception Effects physical and magical accuracy and critical hit chance
Intelligence effects maximum mana points and casting speed
Spirituality Effects magic agility, mana recovery rate and magic critical hit adverse chance

Some pets also raise other more identifiable stats like fire defense, ranged attack or physical block chance and many others besides these.

Buffing Edit

A few passive pets have the ability when summoned to buff the user and/or team, unlike many other pets abilities buffs are timed and will only disappear after the timer has run out or it is manually dispelled. Buffs have the ability to boost facets of the non-battle game too like crafting and drop item rates.

Non-Damaging Abilities Edit

Non-damaging abilities are an often overlooked side to passive pets, unlike buffing non-damaging abilities disappear when the pet is inactive. Among this diverse class of abilities are some very powerful abilities such as healing, speed boosts and rare abilities such as reducing targets hp by 3600 points or reducing the strength of a target by bending time. The benefits to be gain from this class are often overlooked as players turn to pets with damaging abilities.

Damaging Abilities Edit

By far the most popular and most numerous class are passive pets who have damaging abilities, most of the most expensive highly sort after pets belong to this class. Passive pets with damaging abilities have a varying chance to use their ability every time the user attack again the chance does vary from pet to pet. most of this style of move use damage multipliers based on the user attack or magical attack power making them more powerful the higher the level of the user.

The other main style of damaging ability is based on effect damage, these abilities spread their damage over a long period of time, although slow these abilities are not to be overlooked as the collective damage can often outshine straight attacks. Abilities in this class often have an elemental base water, fire, wind ect meaning their effect can vary depending on the defenses of the target.

Increasingly we see passive pets being introduced that use drain style damage these abilities siphon hp from a target and to the user often taking a larger chunk of health out of the enemy than a normal attack would. This class although few in number have seen ever increasing usage and may in time rival pure attack pets in popularity.

Lucent Heart divine bond list Edit

All pets stats below are based off their Level 10 state.

Pet Summoning effect Special Ability

The goddess of love and beauty

Perc +50 Int +50 Spi +50 Hp +500 Mp +500 damages of all kinds +120 High chance of inflicting damage of 160% and repressing the target to reduce the base value of all damages 190 and all defenses 150 points for 10 seconds

The spirit of the god of truth and light, he is the twin brother of Artemis

Perc +50 Int +50 Spi +50 Hp +500 Mp +500 Spell damage +100% Chance of inflicting damage of 160% with a chance of burning the enemy causing 350 fire damage every second for 10 second this ability can stack 3 times

The spirit of the dark goddess former lover. He chose to side with Zeus against Hecate and Cadena during the great rift

Str +50 Con +50 Dex +50 Hp +500 Mp +500 Physical defence +1000 High chance of inflicting damage of 160% and causing the target to suffer 1.7 times more damage for 4 seconds

Goddess of the hunt and twin sister of Apollo

Str 50+ Dex 50+ Perc 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ damages of all kinds 120+ High chance of inflicting damage of 480% if the targets hp is above 70% or 240% if the targets health is lower than 70% of its max hp

The spirit of truth and justice the favorite daughter of Zeus

Str 50+ Int 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ Chance of inflicting damage of 160% and making the enemy vulnerable to attack for 10 seconds

Goddess of music and wisdom a Japanese sword in her right hand and a music instrument in her left. She is one of the seven gods of fortune and is said she attracts music lovers in Acadia

Str 48+ Con 48+ Dex 48+ Perc 48+ Spi 48+ Hp 833+ Mp 833+ Movement speed 10+ Temporarily learns to summon the exciting band of Acadia. When players are within a 7.5 yard radius of the band, their Hp.Mp all attacks and all defenses will increase by 18%

With great insight and combat power Bishamonten is the god of warfare and one of the seven gods of fortune. Quiet and no-nonsense Bishamonten has earned high regard

Str 60+ Perc 52+ Increases all types of damage 87+ Attack accuracy +8.33% Chance of tossing a tower to supress the target instantly snatching its movement ability also recovering your Hp by absorbing the enemies soul giving a chance of restoring Hp and dealing damage of 11% of the targets maximum hp

Active with a love for travel Diaokokuten is one of the seven gods of fortune who handles agriculture and wealth. She wanders the world of Acadia with a bag of rice, wood hammer and coins. No one knows her true whereabouts.

Con 68+ Dex 72+ All damages 91+ Chance of reducing the targets attack points by 168 points, maximum hp 4200, movement speed by 150 and shrinking the target 35%

Ebisu is the god worshiped by fishermen and sailors he is mischievous.

Con 60+ Mp 1190+ Movement speed 50+ Attack damage 70+ Critical hit damage of all kinds 17% Chance of summoning an ancient ocean onto land for 18 seconds decreasing the enemies max hp by 3675 and attack /casting speed by 38.5% When attacking, players in range might become dizzy or lose hp by 350/second for seven seconds as a result of being attacked by an ancient creature

The master craftsmen who harnesses the power of minotsize

Perc 82+ Reduce physical critical hit damage by 16.7% and increases all defenses 3200+ Increases chance of producing perfect items 7%, chance of producing two sets of equipment during production, a sure chance of doubling output of consumables and increasing drop rates

The spirit of the god of the underworld and husband of Persephone

Perc 50+ Int 50+ Spi 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ Water, fire and wind defense 1000+ Earth defense 2000+ High chance of inflicting damage of 160% the spell damage suffered by the enemy will be 1.7 times more for four seconds

The spirit of the god who sacrificed his life to seal the dark goddess Cadena

Dex 50+ Perc 50+ Spi 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ Max spell damage 120+ Chance of inflicting damage of 160% and make the target vulnerable to attack for ten seconds

The immortal craftsmen and god of fire

Str 50+ Dex 50+ Perc 50+ Mp 500+ Physical acc +10% High Chance of inflicting damage of 160% and can cause the enemy fire damage of 110% every 3 seconds for 12 second and can be used three times in a row maximum (stacked three times)

The god with a penchant for practical jokes

Dex 50+ Perc 50+ Spi 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ Spell accuracy +10% High chance of inflicting damage of 160% and can exert a damage accumulation ball adding 30% to all damage done to the target for 10 seconds max 2100 if the target already has a damage accumulation ball active it will detonate and the ball will reform

Goddess of contentment and happiness she goes everywhere with her pet. She is on of the seven gods of fortune and she sees herself as the cutest magic girl in Acadia

Hp 1398+ Mp 1120+ All critical hit chances +20.83 Damages of all kind 33.3+ Reduction of critical hit damage 29.2% When attacking Hotei temporarily learns contract Invoking a ward field, while inside the ward your teams hp/mp recovers equal to 3% of your attack

One of the seven gods of fortune living among us. Juroujin the god of longevity is able to turn back time. Clam and confident Juroujin is over 500 years old but looks young and pretty with make up

Hp 641+ Hp recovery rate in and out of battle 91+ All spell defenses 1916+ Physical defense 1916+ and reduction of critical hit damage 12.5% Chance of returning the target to its previous life causing it to become extremely weak, when a monster is under this effect it has a chance of dropping special equipment when it dies. Collect it and you can transform time.

The spirit of the mighty Poseidon, who uses his mighty trident to govern seas

Str 50+ Dex 50+ Perc 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ Physical Critical damage +100% Chance of inflicting damage of 160% and causing a deep sea tsunami on a target for 10 seconds inflicting 300 points of water damage can be stack three times.
Rare Sabrinas

Hell Paw his family heirloom grants him tremendous power

con23+ dex 43+ damages of all kinds 140+ Chance of inflicting damage of 3%,5% or 7% of the targets maximum hp when he throws a present at the target super effective on bosses
Rare Sabrinami

Hell Paw her family heirloom grants her tremendous power

Dex 70+ Perc 25+ Hp 1250+ Mp 1250+ Hp/Mp recovery rate in and out of battle 166+ Accuracy 8.33% Max attack damage of all kinds 74+ Physical defenses 1041+ and all magic defenses 1041+ Every rose has its thorns recovers mp equal to 6% of a one time skill damage for 12 seconds
Reinforced Apollo

The spirit of the god of truth and light he is the twin brother of Artemis

Reinforced Hades

Hades relationship with Persephone causes seasonal changes

Con 50+ Max hp 600+ Mp 600+ Physical Critical hit multiplier -30% Physical defense 1000+ shield block chance +16% Chance of inflicting damage of 110% on 5 monsters within a 6 yard radius and reducing their movement speed by 260 for 6 seconds
Reinforced Poseidon

The spirit of the mighty Poseidon who uses his mighty trident to govern the seas

Str 50+ Spi 50+ Int 50+ Hp 600+ Mp 600+ Magic critical hit damage +100% When attacking there is a chance of reducing all kinds of damage from three enemies in a 6 yard radius by 80 points
White Athena

The spirit of truth and justice, favorite daughter of Zeus

Str 50+ Int 50+ Hp 500+ Mp 500+ Chance of inflicting damage of 160% and making enemies vulnerable for 10 seconds

The ruler of mount Olympus. He was mentor to both Hercules and goddess Theia

Str 50+ Con 50+ Dex 50+ Int 50+ Perc 50+ Spi 50+ Movement speed 50+ Chance of inflicting 200% damage on a target and reduce overall defenses by 210 for 12 seconds

Please note that although i have tried to record the stats and abilities of each pet accurately I am human and may have made a mistake please message me i if have and send me a SS of the correct stat so i can fix it.

Also a reminder all the pets above are level 10 so they may differ from pets of a different level. Also the tow missing pets Hera and reinforced Apollo will go up asap thanks for your patience.

I have not or will I ever claim that i own this information in any way the descriptions ect belong to Suba this entry is for information purposes only.

I hope this was helpful and you were able to find a pet you like, have fun playing see you in-game.


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