i'm a mage on lucent heart, and still i don't know how to use spells and other powers, can you tell me what to do?

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Question What is "Lucent Heart"?
Answer Lucent Heart is a zodiac-inspired Anime MMORPG that has the unique Cupid and Horoscope System. It won the prestigious “Best Game” and “Best Rookie” awards in Japan, and will soon be available to North America!
Question When is Beta?
AnswerClosed beta is set to start on December 12nd, and will be over around December 30th.
Question Can I play as a male character? Can I play as a female character?
Answer Yes and yes! You can choose to play as a male or female character and customize yourself with lots of hair and face options.
Question Can you actually get married in the game?
Answer As a matter of fact... yes you can! Of course, you'll have to put a little effort in, first...
Question Is Lucent Heart the same thing as Zodiac Online?
Answer Yes and no. In Japan, Lucent Heart was also known as Zodiac Online but it's not to be confused with the North American Zodiac Online as it's a completely different game. There are currently a few different versions of Lucent Heart, but our version will be different from the others!
Question Is there an age restriction on marriage?
Answer Nope! It's not a real marriage, after all. XD
Question Can you use WASD to move?
Answer Yup! And your mouse, too!
Question What will the level cap be?
Answer The cap is 80.
Question Will Lucent Heart be a grinding or quest game?
Answer Lucent Heart has a TON of quests to complete. You’ll be leveling as you complete each quest, so it never really feels like you’re “grinding” to level.
Question Can you choose to marry a person of the same gender?
Answer Yes, you may marry from the same gender.
Question How many classes are there?
Answer There are two beginner classes (one physical and one magic), which later branch into two physical-type and two magic-type classes. Finally, at the final stage of selection, players can choose from eight different ultimate classes: four that are more magic-based and four that are more physical-based.
Question Will this version have PVP? Dual guild wars? A specific battle area?
Answer There is PvP, some maps such as Witches' Cliff have PvP, Weddings have PvP, and we Guild vs Guild battle which is pure fun PvP.
Question Is the zodiac system tied to how you register?
Answer You do put in a birthday that determines your character's sign whenever you create a new character. There will be descriptions as to how each sign plays and how signs can affect certain classes later.
Question Can you have multiple characters per account?
Answer Yes, there can be multiple characters per account, only 2 however, unless you purchase more slots from the item mall.
Question What equips will be in Lucent Heart?
Answer As you can see from the trailers and screenshots of previous versions, there will be a variety of guns, staffs, daggers, wands, and swords -- to name a few.
Question What are the minimum requirements necessary to play?
Answer The minimum requirements are:
OS Windows XP SP3 and newer
CPU Pentium 4 CPU (or similar)
Memory 512 MB or higher
HDD 2.0 GB or more
Graphics nVidia GeForce 3 / ATI Radeon 8500
Connection Cable Modem ADSL 512K or more

The recommended requirements are:

OS Windows XP SP3 and newer
CPU Pentium 4-2.4G CPU (or similar)
Memory 1 GB or higher
HDD 4.0 GB or more
Graphics nVidia GeForce FX 5900 / ATI 9200
Connection Cable Modem ADSL 1M or more
Question Which signs are best suited to which class?
Answer We’ll have a full description of each sign and how it affects each class soon!
Question Are there guilds in the game?
Answer Yes!
Question I saw crazy-looking armor in the trailer. Is that a final form?
Answer Sort of! That’s your special zodiac armor. You gain it and incredible abilities when you use your zodiac power!
Question Will there be a lot of Facebook-only events?
Answer There’ll be a mix of forum, Facebook, and in-game events, and more often than not, these events will span both in-game and forum, or forum and Facebook. So you’ll have tons of events to choose from!
Question How do we sign up for Closed Beta?
Answer You have to get a beta key from one of our partners and link it to your account.
Question Will there be an anti-botting system or chatspam system?
Answer We definitely have an anti-botting system! We also have a chat filtering.
Question Will we be able to play with people all over the world?
Answer Yes, we will have players from all over! You’ll have the chance to make friends worldwide!
Question What is the maximum resolution?
Answer Our current max resolution is 1680 x 1050 (with the option to drag the windowed version to be as large as you want), but this could change with the next version we receive!
Question Does this game support Windows 8 (64 bit)?
Answer Yup! You’re good to go!
Question Will there be guild houses?
Answer This may be a future possibility.
Question What happens in the arenas? Are they just PVP environments?
Answer We’ll be releasing more information about this later on!
Question Will there be different countries to travel to?
Answer Yes! There are different areas that make up the world of Acadia, some more dangerous than others!
Question Will there be enchanting?
Answer Yes. We’ll be releasing more information on how Lucent’s enchanting will work, later on.
Question Can we distribute stats?
Answer No, but your stats will be increased to maximize your class potential. You'll also have the ability to specifically tailor your skills through the Astrolabe!
Question Can I play this game with a Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family of 256?
Answer Yes, this should work with the game just fine.
Question Will there be guild emblems?
Answer We do have guild emblems. The leader of the guild can create an emblem at either the size of 16x16 or 32x32 pixels and must be the format of either .tga or .bmp.