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Golden Apple Hill is a large farmland area found west of Breezing Land. This area contains mostly insectoid and plant-based monsters. From here, Melody Valley can be reached by heading north, while Hammer of Zeus is located to the south.

NPC Name Location (x,y)

Golden Apple Hill

Anthony Golden Apple Hill (E04, N28)
Chicken Golden Apple Hill (E03, N24)
Dapp Golden Apple Hill (E03, N24)
Graovsko Lush Riverside (E12, N14)
Jerry Golden Apple Hill (E03, N25)
Johnny Dapp's Farm (E25, N24)
Lo-Lo Golden Apple Hill (E07, N20)
Marlin Dapp's Farm (E18, N20)
Orwell Lush Riverside (E12, N13)
Penny Golden Apple Hill (E06, N23)
Peter Windmill Hill (E27, N17)
Ross Golden Apple Hill (E03, N28)
Sheep Golden Apple Hill (E06, N23)
Sonny Golden Apple Hill (E12, N24)
Spencer Lush Riverside (E12, N13)
To-To Golden Apple Hill (E11, N24)


Monster Name Location (Area (x,y)) Level
Fresh Corn Dapp's Farm 15
Hardworking Bee Sheep Farm 15
Little Locust Sheep Farm 16
Fresh Pea Dapp's Farm 17
Guardian Worker Bee Found in Beehives 17 (Strong)
Feral Wild Wolf Lush Riverside
(Night only)
Scythe Locust Lured out by using Super Delicious Grain in the Sheep Farm 18 (Strong)
Wandering Farmland Guardian Dapp's Farm
Johnny's Farm
Thriving Pea Johnny's Farm 19
Thriving Corn Johnny's Farm 21
Bloodthirsty Hunter Wilderness (Night only) 21 (Strong)
Roadside Pickpocket Lush Riverside
Daisy Prairie
(Day only)
Nighttime Pickpocket Daisy Prairie (Night only) 22

Quest Name Starting NPC Level
Aphrodite's Secret (pt. 2) Johnny 15
Aphrodite's Secret (pt. 3) Johnny 15
Needle in a Corn Field Marlin 15
Locust Infestation Johnny 16
Budding Romance (pt. 1) Jerry 17
Budding Romance Sonny 17
Budding Romance Sonny 17
Good Eatin' (pt. 1) Ross 17
Good Eatin' (pt. 2) Ross 17
Wild Wolves (pt. 2) Orwell 17
Wild Wolves (pt. 3) Orwell 17
The Lovers, the Dreamers, and You Spencer 18
Runaway Scarecrow Peter 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 1) Anthony 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 2) Lo-Lo 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 3) Ross 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 4) Ross 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 5) Lo-Lo 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 6) Peter 18
Stolen Chicken Conspiracy (pt. 7) Peter 18
Demeter's Gift Ross 19
Finest Wine Jerry 19
Lucky Zodiac Amulet Graovsko 19
Puppy Love (pt. 1) Penny 20
Puppy Love (pt. 2) Graovsko 20
Puppy Love (pt. 3) Penny 20
Puppy Love (pt. 4) Penny 20
Puppy Love (pt. 5) Graovsko 20
Flutist Friends (pt. 1) Marlin 20
Flutist Friends (pt. 2) Marlin 20
Mysterious Muses Sonny 20
Popcorn Craving Anthony 21
Save Our Youngins! Ross 21
Amulet Thieves Spencer 22
Chicken Thievery Jerry 22
Echo Crystals (pt. 1) Orwell 22
Echo Crystals (pt. 2) Orwell 22
Grain Robbers Sonny 22
Jack in the Box (pt. 1) Spencer 23
Jack in the Box (pt. 2) Spencer 23
Jack in the Box (pt. 3) Graovsko 23
Jack in the Box (pt. 4) Graovsko 23
Jack in the Box (pt. 5) Spencer 23
Jack in the Box (pt. 6) Ross 23
Jack in the Box (pt. 7) Ross 23
Mutated Puppet Graovsko 24
Sheep and Sacred Waters (pt. 1) Peter 24
Pen Pals Penny 26

Adjacent Areas Location
Breezing Land East
Melody Valley Northwest
Hammer of Zeus South

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