Creating jewelry is an art in and of itself. Imbuing that jewelry with magical properties that increase your stats takes both time and dedication. Speak with [NPC] Quincy, the Crafting Workshop Administrator in Thereall City of Peace, to visit the Alchemy Workshop.
Jewelers have access to enchantment stone designs available for both weapons and shields which are especially valuable. These are limited to one stone per equipment, though they can be replaced, which destroys the previously embedded stone. The effects for weapons vary from increasing your health and mana regeneration to raising stats such as strength and constitution. You can also create weapon stones that increase your movement speed and hit chance permanently. Shield enchants are particularly valuable for tanks as they can increase their total health as well as their chance to both. Other accessory items provide bonuses greater than the ones you can receive from shop accessory items.

Jewery Production GuideEdit

In game: press F12 to open the Help window, click on the "Item" tab at the top and "Craft" on the left side.

Crafting Level 01 // Character Level 04
Map: Thereall
NPC: Talk to [Crafting Workshop Administrator] Quincy to enter the Jewelry Workshop, talk to [Jeweler] Danny for an introduction into Jewelry Crafting (he will require a 50 gold fee).

Crafting Level 02 // Character Level 10
Map: Hercules Hill [Map Location]
Monster: Thunder Clan Giants (Strong Level 10)

Crafting Level 03 // Character Level 15
Map: Hercules Hill [Map Location]
Monster: Sleepy Bear Cub (Strong Level 14) (Use Igniters to summon them from caves.)
Map: Ancient Ruins [Map Location]
Monster: Thunder Clan Explorers (Strong Level 15)

Crafting Level 04 // Character Level 20
Map: Ancient Ruins [Map Locations]
Monsters: Cruel Hunters (Strong Level 20 - Night), Thunder Clan Trappers (Strong Level 20 - Day)

Crafting Level 05 // Character Level 25
Map: Melody Valley [Map Locations]
Monsters: Energetic Valley Frogs (General Level 24), Allegro Melody (General Level 24)

Crafting Level 06 // Character Level 30
Map: Pegasus Field [Map Location]
Monster: Midnight Witch (Strong Level 29 - Night)
Map: Blooming Forest [Map Location]
Monster: Prowling Forest Mic (General Level 30)
Map: Golden Sand [Map Location]
Monster: Gold Hunter (Strong Level 27 - Day)

Crafting Level 07 // Character Level 35
Map: Argos Bay [Map Locations]
Monsters: Square Sail Helmsman (General Level 35), Old Quarry Sentry (Strong Level 34), Old Quarry Recruit (Strong Level 33)

Crafting Level 08 // Character Level 40
Map: Whispering Grave [Map Locations]
Monsters: Mutated Metal (General Level 40 - Day), Mechanized Jailer Model I (Strong Level 37 - Day), Mechanical Jailer Prototype (Strong Level 39 - Day)

Crafting Level 09 // Character Level 45
Map: Sacred Forest [Map Locations]
Monsters: Rebellious Sentry (Strong Level 42), Rebellious Foot Solider (Very Strong Level 43), Rebellious Musketeer (Very Strong Level 43)

Crafting Level 10 // Character Level 50
Map: Coast of Siren [Map Locations]
Monsters: Reef Singers (Strong Level 42), Reef Mermaids (Strong Level 42), Reef Guards (Very Strong Level 44)

*Note - The quest is picked up from [Master Craftsperson] Old Pete located in the Black Market area. [Map Location]
Crafting Level 11 // Character Level 55 - Party recommended!!
Map: Stormy Shore [Map Location]
Monster: Weak Souls (Very Strong Level 54 - Night)
Map: Well of Silence [Map Location]
Monster: Loose Parts (General Level 53)

Crafting Level 12 // Character Level 60
Map: Icarus Rift [Map Location]
Monsters: Winged Menders (General Level 60), Winged Artisans (General Level 62)

Crafting Level 13 // Character Level 65
Map: Heart of Fire [Map Location]
Monsters: Wood Farm Guard (General Level 66 - Day), Turbine Survey Machine (General Level 68)
Map: Hephaestus Tableland [Map Location]
Monster: Ash Element (Very Strong Level 70)

Guide above by Anna. Uploaded by Ashes.

Known Designs Edit

NB. This list is incomplete. Some new designs are given for each jewelry level quest above, but other designs must be learned from drops. Please insert missing designs in the reverse order that they appear on the crafting menu. Designs not learned from level quests have been marked with an asterisk*

Materials Edit

  • Lunar Shard
  • Lunar Essence
  • Bass Crystal
  • Magic Gem
  • Magic Mirror of Foresight
  • Crystal Ball of Foresight
  • Shiny Decorative Jewelry
  • Exquisite Decorative Jewelry
  • First Repair Element
  • Second Repair Element
  • Third Repair Element

Quest Edit

  • Celestine Pendant
  • Flame Ring
  • Crescent Moon Earrings
  • Air Crystal Bracelet

Required Level 5 Edit

Ornaments Edit

These increase elemental defense.

  • Magic Ring
  • Magic Earring
  • Magic Bracelet
  • Magic Anklet*
  • Magic Necklace

Weapon Embedding Gems Edit

These do not appear to work on firearms.

  • Health Pearl* -- +10 Max HP
  • Mana Pearl* -- +10 Max MP
  • Health Recovery Stone -- +1 HP Rate
  • Mana Recovery Stone -- +1 MP Rate
  • Balance Gemstone -- + 5 Max HP + 5 Max MP

Required Level 10 Edit

Ornaments Edit

  • Prayer Ring
  • Prayer Earring
  • Prayer Bracelet
  • Prayer Anklet
  • Prayer Necklace*

Weapon Embedding Gems Edit

  • INT Sphere* -- +1 INT
  • STR Sphere* -- +1 STR
  • CON Sphere -- +1 CON
  • DEX Sphere -- +1 DEX
  • PERC Sphere -- +1 PERC
  • SPI Sphere -- +1 SPI

Requried Level 15 Edit

Ornaments Edit

  • Protection Ring
  • Protection Earring
  • Protection Bracelet*
  • Protection Anklet
  • Protection Necklace

Weapon Embedding Gems Edit

  • Surveillance Gemstone -- +1% Melee Accuracy
  •  ???* -- +1% Magic Accuracy

Shield Embedding Gems Edit

  • Aegis Gemstone -- +1% Physical Block

Required Level 20 Edit

Ornaments Edit

  • Spell Ring
  • Spell Earring
  • Spell Bracelet
  • Spell Anklet
  • Spell Necklace*

Weapon Embedding Gems Edit

  • Raging Stone* -- +21 Max HP +1% Crit
  • Prophet's Stone* -- +21 Max MP +1% Magic Hit
  • Muse Heart* -- +62 Max HP
  •  ???Beast Stone* -- +1 agile? +1 DEX
  • INT Gemstone -- +2 INT
  • STR Gemstone -- +2 STR
  • CON Gemstone -- +2 CON
  • DEX Gemstone -- +2 DEX
  • PERC Gemstone -- +2 PERC
  • SPI Gemstone -- +2 SPI
  • Mana Core -- +75 Max MP

Required Level 25 Edit

Ornaments Edit

  • Colorful Ring
  • Colorful Earring*
  • Colorful Bracelet
  • Colorful Anklet
  • Colorful Necklace

Weapon Embedding Gems Edit

  • Morale Gemstone -- +2 STR +2 HP Rate
  •  ???Fountain stone* -- +2 mind? +2 MP Rate
  •  ???Speed Gem* -- +2 vitality? +15 speed?

Links Edit

Japanese Wiki Page

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