Anteacar ~City of Magic~Edit

  • Anteacar Council
  • Tree of Myriads
  • Central Library
  • Alchemist Plaza
  • Elemental Hall
  • Discipline Corridor
  • Commercial Plaza

Whispering GraveEdit

Whispering Grave
  • Rugged Slope
  • Graveyard
  • Broken Deck Bay
  • Rib Arch Bridge
  • Abandoned Altar
  • Poisonous Sting Trail

Sacred Realm of the God of WarEdit

Sacred Realm
  • Wild Wolf Forest
  • Dry Marsh
  • Man-Eating Flower Lowlands
  • Miasma Marsh
  • Giant's Stronghold

Sacred ForestEdit

Sacred Forest
  • Athena's Sword
  • Snow Cliff
  • Hoarfrost Trail
  • Bear Claw Mountain
  • Parthenon Highland

Coast of SirenEdit

Coast of Siren
  • Island of Harp
  • Stormy Pathway
  • North Shore of Poseidon Port
  • Frozen Land
  • Mermaid Coast
  • Hydra Vortex
  • South Shore of Poseidon Port
  • Ferry Resting Area
  • Wolf Howl Coast

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