Knights favor close quarter combat, sacrificing the safety range provides to charge into battle. The ability to equip heavy armor and heavy shields and increased constitution makes the Knight an ideal choice for tanking, but they also possess extensive weapon training allowing them to equip two handed swords which makes their physical attacks, which are already powerful, even more devastating. They are ideal for aspiring tanks and players who enjoy up close and personal melee combat.

A Knight later chooses to become Solar Guardian or Celestial Templar.

Active SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Furious Successive Strikes Relentless Assault Deals attack damage plus additional damage to your target.
Executioner's Blow
Executioner’s Blow An instant attack that will ignore armor and deal normal attack damage plus additional damage if target is below 38% health.
Whirlwind Deals physical damage to the enemies around you.
Vengeful Blade
Vengeful Blade Inflicts the damage of a normal attack on a single target and reduces its Physical Defense . The target will generate an equivalent amount of Hostility against you. The Vengeful Blade can be stacked 5 times.
Dire Slash
Rupture Instantly damages your target and increases that target's hostility towards you while causing a bleeding effect doing damage over time. Rupture can be stacked 2 times.
Shin Kick
Fissure Smash the ground and stun your enemy.
Provoke Provokes enemies within a radius of you to attack you.
Shield Stance
Shield Stance Increase the chance to block melee physical attacks, ranged physical attacks, and increases hostility generated. Decreases movement speed.
Taunt Taunts an enemy to attack you.
Charge Charges toward a specified location.
Shield Bash
Shield Slam Deals damage to your target and stuns it. A stunned enemey's chance to fall victim to a physical critical hit is increased by 75%.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
Heavy Shield Training
Heavy Shield Training Enables you to use a heavy shield.
Two-Handed Weapon Training
Two-Handed Weapon Training Enables you to use two-handed melee weapons.
Strengthen Body- Passive
Toughness Increases constitution and non-combat HP recovery.
Trigger Discipline - Passive
Trigger Discipline Enables you to equip rifle, hunting rifle and other firearms.