The templar summons a shield which surronds the templar and the templar's allies. The templar's shield will last for five seconds and while it remains active HP cannot be reduced to 0.

Level Description MP Cost Casting Time Duration Cooldown Level Required Job Required
1 Summons a shield which surrounds the templar and allies. HP cannot be reduced to 0 while shield remains active. 0 0 5 seconds 1800 seconds 36 Celestial Templar
2 See level 1 0 0 6 seconds 1800 seconds 46 Celestial Templar
3 See level 2 0 0 7 seconds 18000 seconds 56 Celestial Templar
4 See level 3 0 0 8 seconds 18000 seconds 68 Celestial Templar

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