Collect five lumps of Black charcoal from the bear cave on [Hercules Hill] and five Bags of dynamite from the Giant's Camp at the [Ancient Ruins].

Then make a landmine and give it to NPC [Sheila]

[Note] Your machinery level will become 3 after completing this quest.

What do you needEdit

5x Black Charcoal. You get those from the Sleepy bear cubs in [Hercules Hill]. Those are not the Small bears in the bottom right.

To get the Black charcoal you have to find the animal remains around the map and use the ignitter on it. You'll get these by accepting the quest the hunt. After you used the ignitter on the animal remains. the Sleep bear cub will spawn

5x Bags of dynamite. You get those from the Thunder Clan Explorer's in [Ancient Ruins]

Making the object.Edit

Simply go to the Machinery Woskhop and click on the big computer behind the big wheels. This will give you an option to make the Mine Trap.

After you made the Mine Trap, Go to NPC [Sheila] And hand in the quest.

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