Wizards who wish to focus their training on the destructive powers of Fire and Water choose to become Moon Flame Envoys. They unlock devastating magical attacks, can teleport around the battefield, and access powerful area of effect spells. The Moon Flame Envoy also has higher levels of Sleep and a new ability to disable demonic and mechanic monsters.

Active SkillsEdit

Type Icon Name Description
Fire Ball Fire Ball Shoots Fire damage and reduces the target's Water defense.
Heat wave Solar Storm Hits up to 6 enemies with Fire damage around a specified point.
Burning flare Shooting Star Deals massive Fire damage and reduces the target's Water defense.
Moon Flame Moon Flame Instantly casts a blue fireball that deals Fire damage to a target.
Ice room Arctic Blast Hits up to 6 enemies with Water damage around a specified point.
Ice lance Ice Lance Shoots Water damage in a specified direction and decreases the enemy's Air defense.
Lightining Lightining Shoots Air damage and temporarily decreases the target's Earth defense.
Elemental Aegis Elemental Aegis Creates a shield on a selected teammate that can absorb elemental damage.
Cleanse Spirit Cleanse Spirit Removes a non-physical negative effect on an ally.
Carabosse's Whisper
Carabosse's Whisper Puts a target to sleep through hypnosis.
Traverse Instantly teleports the caster to a targeted area.

Passive SkillsEdit

Icon Name Description
EnlightmentIcon Enlightment Increases maximum MP.