Moonlight Frog

Moonlight Frog


Icon Name Description
Frog Mouth Cannon
Frog Mouth Cannon Inflicts magic attack plus water damage on the target
Elemental Aegis
Element Aegis Creates an aegis on a designated teammate, which absorbs element damage
Roar Challenge Mocks an enemy controlled by NPC to attack the caster
Inciting Hostility Attracts up to 4 enemies controlled by NPC within the radius of 6 yards to attack the caster
Pounding Inflicts percentage of physical attack plus physical damage on the target
Bloodthirsty Wildness Increases your physical and magic critical hit damage
Concealment Reduces the hostility of an enemy controlled by NPC against the caster
Health Transfer Transfers HP to a friendly* target
Mana Transfer Transfer MP to a friendly* target
Star Core Armor Increases your physical defence temporarily
Starlight Vitality Temporarily increase your HP recovery rate and MP recovery rate when not in combat

*NB. "friendly target" does not include the pet or owner, but does work on other players.

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