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DISCLAIMER: This page is still being heavily translated from the Japanese wiki, any incorrections should be changed in the near future.


Red Star CoresEdit

Red Star Cores are probably the most crucial in deciding what type of dungeon to create. Will your team be able to handle packs of witches and clowns? Can your team deal with lots of stuns from giants and wolves? Use this guide to help determine what crowd of enemies are best for you and your team. This Star Core will also determine the type of Elite or Boss you will face.

Level Name Enemies Boss
10 Green Shoot

Very Strong - Lv.9 Pea "Leaping Pea Seedling", Lv.10 Corn "Mutated Corn Seedling", Lv.11 Locust "Vicious Field Huntsman", Lv.12 Wolf "Young Bushy-Tail"

(1)Super Strong Lv.12 Corn "Demonic Corn"
10 Delicate Seedling Very Strong -  Lv.9 Pea "Leaping Pea Seedling", Lv.10 Corn "Mutated Corn Seedling", Lv.11 Locust "Vicious Field Huntsman", Lv.12 Bear "Weak Bear" (4)Super Strong Lv.12 Giant "Lost Giant"
15 Harvest


Very Strong-  Lv.14 Frog "Clumsy Leaping Pit Frog", Lv.15. Corn "Furry-Headed Popcorn", Lv.15 Wolf "Dim-Witted Bushy-Tail", Lv.16 Bear "Dim-Witted Bear", Lv.16 Bee "Plains Wanderer", Lv.17 Witch "Remnant Fire Card Master" (5)Super Strong Lv.17 Immortal "Soul Changer"
15 Weak Hunter Very Strong - Lv.14 Frog, "Clumsy Leaping Pit Frog", Lv.15 Clown "Faded Mask", Lv.15 Werewolf "Hungry Werewolf", Lv.16 Bee "Plains Wanderer", Lv.17 Bee "Flower Patch Seeder" Lv.17 Witch
20 Silent 


Giants, Clowns, Bees, Wolves, Bears Lv.23 Clown(?)
20 Hunter Giants, Bears, Wolves, Frogs Lv.21 Giant & Lv.23 Wolf(?)
25 Giant Witches, Clowns, Wolves, Giants Lv.26 Wolf & Lv.28 Giant
25 Melody Wolves, Corn, Witches, Clowns, Plants Lv.26 Wolf & Lv.28 Werewolf
25 Dancing Melody Corn, Wolves, Clown, Plants, Knights Lv.26 Wolf & Lv.28 Plant
30 Pickpocket Corn, Frogs, Witches, Trumpets, Musicians, Bears Lv.29 Witch & Lv.31 Plant(?)
30 Mage Frogs, Rogues, Giants, Werewolves, Witches, Musicians Lv.31 Mic & Lv.33 Bear
30 Hermit Mics, Wolves, Werewolves, Plants, Musicians, Frogs Lv.32 Musician(?) & Lv.34 Musician
35 Sailor Mics, Riflemen, Witches, Wolves, Pirates, Plants Lv.36 Musician
35 Helmsman Mics, Bees, Pirates, Guards, Witches, Lv.37 Witch & Lv.38 Witch
35 Man

-Eating Flower

Bees, Knights, Locusts, Fairies, Plants, Pirates, Witches Lv.39 Plant & Lv.39 Plant
40 First Mate Pirates, Mics, Plants, Werewolves, Musicians Lv.41 Gun Pirate
40 Transparent Wings Rogues, Fairies, (?) Lv.42 Machine
40 Green Leaf Wolves, Fairies, Plants Lv.43 Rogue(?)
40 Clumsy Villain Fairies, Swordsman, Plants, Machines Lv.43 Machine
45 Fast Hunter Scarecrows, Swordsman, Plants, Giants, Fairies, Rogues, Wolves Lv.44 Witch w/ Clowns
45 Flower of Noto(?)
45 Rich Essence Riflemen, Air Witches,
45 Mermaid Mermaids, Giants, Plants, Lv.46 Mermaid(?)
45 Aged Giant
45 Transparent Wings
45 Werewolf Werewolf, Knife Thief, Clowns, Earth Witches, Bees, Air Witches, 
50 Running Hunter
50 Weak Giant Frost Witch, Giants, Mermaids, Plants, Mics, Rogues, Bees
50 Sea Poet Plants, Bees, Rogues, Mics, Clowns, Mermaids, Wolves, Giants, Pirates Lv.53 Witch, Lv.54 Pirate Lv.53 Plant
50 Sea Fairy Bees, Giants, Clowns, Machines, Werewolves, Frost Witch, Pirates
50 Solitary Giant Plants, Locusts, Bees, Mics, Clowns, Giants, Rogues, Witches
50 Ancient Giant Officers, Plants, Giants, Clowns
50 Captain Pirates, Plants, Giants, Wolves, 
50 Wandering Hunter
55 Essence of Sin
55 Sea Dancer
55 Gnawing Hunter
55 Poseidon's Folks
55 Sea Singer
55 Bloodthirsty Hunter
60 Whisper
60 Nightmare
60 Ghost
65 Sleet
65 Poisoned Spring
65 Punishment
65 White Feather
65 Raven
65 Soldier
65 Fox
65 Blizzard
65 The Deceased
65 Slavery
70 The Wizard of Oz
70 Savageness
70 Fierce Battle
70 World

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