Thereall ~City of Peace~Edit

Thereall City of Peace small Peace Tower
Starlight Bridge
Water Plaza
Fire Plaza
Earth Plaza
Air Plaza
Theater of Wind

Breezing LandEdit

Breezy Prairie Outskirts of Thereall
Thereall's Terrace
Cole's Farm
Wolf Ear Hill
Sunlit Trail
Cole's Ranch
Thereall Sewer icon Therall's Sewer

Hercules HillEdit

Hercules Hill Outskirts of North Gate
Fountain of Vows
Old Farm
Cave of Carvings
Wicked Wolf Slope
Outskirts of South Gate

Ancient RuinsEdit

Ancient Ruins Meteor Highland
Ptoleny's Cove
Drizzle Slope
Ptoleny's Hill
Serenity Valley
Star Observatory
Celestial Temple Icon Celestial Temple

Hammer of ZeusEdit

Hammer of Zeus Mountain Range of War Smoke
Bronze Terrace
Thunder Highland
Lava Valley
Ancient Heart
Black Iron River
Thunder Clan's Stronghold
Black Iron Summit

Golden Apple HillEdit

Golden Apple Hill

  • Wilderness
  • Lush Riverside
  • Daisy Prairie
  • Johnny's Farm
  • Dapp's Farm
  • Windmill Hill
  • Golden Apple Hill
  • Sheep Farm

Melody ValleyEdit

Melody Valley
  • Echo Archway
  • Strong Echo Crystal
  • Trumpet Trail
  • Reed Trail
  • Weak Echo Crystal
  • Lyre Waterfall
  • Resonance Chamber

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