A combination of the most powerful versions of single and multi-target taunts and the highest constitution available to any class makes the Solar Guardian a great choice for tanking in Lucent Heart. This class stems from the Knight and is one of the options for their advanced change, the other being Celestial Templar. A powerful array of offensive abilities including an attack that hit multiple targets, slows them, and increases the chance for them to be critically hit, not only makes the Solar Guardian's job of holding the attention of multiple enemies easier, but also makes them formidable contenders in the role of dealing damage.

Active SkillsEdit




Battle Stance
Battle Stance

Increases attack speed by 25% at the cost of suffering 20% more critical damage. Becoming stunned will deactivate the stance.

Solar Flare
Guardian's Rage When a monster attacks you this has a 50% chance to burn them in response. While the target is burning, the chance of a physical critical hit is increased by 75%.
Lurid Sickle
Crippling Cleave Hits up to 4 targets within 4.5 meters for base attack damage with a bonus. Also slows enemy movement speed for 3 seconds, gaining a 75% physical critical hit chance bonus.
Ennervating Strike
Enervating Strike Consumes 20 Positive Emotion to deal massive damage (200% Attack Damage).
Blade Dance
Blade Dance Attacks up to 4 enemies within 4.5 meters. If the targets have less than 30% health, this attack will ignore defense and deal extra damage.
Onslaught Charge into the target, stunning them for 2 seconds, gaining a 75% physical critical hit chance bonus.