Serpah Knight Skills

Name Cooldown Cast Time Duration Range Description
Elemental Fuel 0.4 seconds 1.5 seconds 900 seconds 100 Increases DEX for all teanmates.
Bleeding Strike 1.5 seconds instant 3.0 seconds 5 Atacks 3 enemies in a fan-shape zone.

Stacks twice.

Hate Wave 3.0 seconds instant 3.0 seconds 0 Atacks 6 enemies in a 10m radius. Increases Threat
Judgment 15 seconds instant 45 seconds 3 Strong Atack. Increases Critical damage +15%. Stacks twice.
Holy Charge 15 seconds instant 3 seconds 18 Rush to the enemy and damage. Doubles damage.
Desperate Strike 60 seconds instant 4 seconds 1 Inflicts damage. Paralizes the enemy.
Holy Cry 30 seconds instant 15 seconds 10 Increases Threat and can increase STR when atacked.

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