Wishing Doll - Recieved from praying

need template as well as items you can get from one.

  • Nice Person Card
  • Happiness Card
  • Resin
  • Copper Coin Bag
  • Yarn
  • Zodiac Stone
  • Wind Spirit Leaf
  • Power Ball Set
  • Wind spirit dust
  • tree branch
  • wind spirit leaf
  • magic gem shard
  • coagulated resin
  • earth spirit herb
  • nagic gem
  • love fortune rune
  • steel ore
  • lunar dust
  • scrap iron
  • magic herb
  • wealth fortune rune
  • water spirit
  • work fortune rune
  • lucky coin
  • zodiac powder
  • leather
  • wind spirit powder
  • Fur
  • blank card
  • power ball

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